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Mount Kirkjufell on Snæfellsnes

Vacation in Iceland: Should Be on a Bucket List

Iceland’s just too beautiful!

If you look at photos of Iceland on magazines and the Internet, you’d probably say that this place is just too good to be true. Every single photo looks like they were Photoshopped tremendously, but no. Iceland is just too beautiful, and you have to believe it. There’s no wonder why a lot of people want to experience an Icelandic vacation and while you might not want to go to an icy and cold place to relax, think again.

Snowball fights and unicorns?

Iceland is not made of ice. You probably thought about that too. While the weather could be cold sometimes, don’t expect to land on a skating rink as soon as you get off the place. Snowball fights don’t happen all year round. You will most probably experience the warm waters of hot springs all over the country during your vacation in Iceland. Though Iceland may seem like a place where unicorns exist, and pots of gold are found at every rainbow’s end, this place is real. You might even be surprised how the Icelandic people are believers of elves, and they do take it seriously!

The climate in Iceland

Expect your Icelandic vacation to be full of fun and adventure. Its climate alone will make you wonder how in the world a place like this could exist. While soaking the sun on a warm summer day, you’d want to grab your jacket or coat because it could get chilly in a matter of minutes! Despite this weirdness, you’d love the weather of Iceland! Check out our weather in Iceland article here.

Prepare for a semi-naked vacation

Iceland has a whole lot of volcanoes and because of this; the majority of the country relies on clean energy coming from geothermal power. Your Icelandic vacation will most likely be made up of way too many visits to various hot springs. You shouldn’t miss out though on the Blue Lagoon at Grindavik. Less than an hour from the capital city of Reykjavik, relax and unwind as you enjoy the health benefits of an all-natural spa. Take note that the Icelandic people are so concerned about hygiene that if you plan on taking a dip in a hot spring, you must take a shower… nude. That’s no big deal to them. It’s just hygiene. We’ve actually come across a self-drive spa tour where you can experience all the wonders.

On vacation, do you prefer the midnight sun or northern lights?

If you plan on going on a vacation in Iceland between May and August, be prepared to be surprised because the sun just won’t set. Well, it sure does set for maybe about a couple of hours but then it shines again. It might just be your first time to see a midnight sun, and you will definitely be in awe. Another awe-inspiring sight is the Northern Lights. Come between September and March and see what the fuss is all about. The Northern Lights look just like those photo effects you’d see on photography apps but this time it’s real. Your Icelandic vacation is packed with way too much fun and excitement. If you don’t have this yet on your bucket list, we don’t know what you have that could be better than this!

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