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Weather in Iceland is WEIRD!

The weather in Iceland is weird

You know what Icelanders say about the weather?

“If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 minutes!”

I can confirm, this is painfully true. Please come prepared for any type of weather when you visit!

Check out the Icelandic Met Office for everything related to the weather in Iceland. You can also find information on or other Icelandic news sites. I highly recommend you look at the forecast before you arrive in Iceland so you can pack accordingly.


How do Icelanders feel about it?

You know, we’re pretty much used to the weather in Iceland being crazy, but still, it sometimes catches us off guard. I don’t know if the nation is in some sort of denial about it, you’d think we’d be prepared for anything. But alas, a storm suddenly hits, trampolines fly in the neighbors’ yard (or through his window), storm drains get clogged up so the streets fill up with water and the Icelandic rescue squads have their hands full cleaning up the mess.

Summer isn’t always summer over here

When we go camping during the summer, we usually need to pack everything from bikinis and shorts to winter coats and woolen sweaters. You’re relaxing in the sun and suddenly everything changes. You go and change into something warmer but as soon as you’ve put on your fleece gear, it’s sunny again. Sometimes we can appreciate how funny it is, but sometimes the temperature changes infuriate us.

Don’t be scared of the weather though

If you’re visiting, don’t be surprised to get sun, rain, fog, a hail storm and varying wind speed in the span of a couple of hours! Icelandic weather, learn to love it. Be prepared to change your travel plans if you arrive in the winter because snow storms can cause the roads to be closed.

(Don’t even get me started on the winters …)

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