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What to pack for Iceland

Pack For Your Vacation To Iceland: How to guide

How To Pack For Your Vacation To Iceland?

People who aren’t used to the climate in Iceland may wonder what to pack. Iceland is a highly popular vacationing and tourist spot that offers a number of attractions. You may just think some warm clothes will be the only thing you need to overfill your suitcase with. But you may want to include a few of these helpful necessities. That will ensure a more comfortable stay.

Packing For Iceland:



Yes, you know you are going to be needing warmer clothes. But packing a number of light layer-able clothes can make the trip much better. If you are planning on taking part in the nightlife scene and want to wear that new dress and leggings? Pack along long John’s to wear underneath. Having some clothes that you can easily layer on and take off is the best way to pack for your vacation to Iceland. Consider bring on or thicker wool items, especially if you are visiting in the winter months.



While in Iceland, you will probably spend a majority of your time outdoors.  Having a backpack with you will make the adventures much more easy and enjoyable. You can easily pick up souvenirs and store extra clothing. Bring your map and camera along with you on your Iceland outings.


Waterproof Shoes

You do not need the most expensive or top of the line hiking boots. But having a reliable and good pair of hiking shoes for the off the beat paths can make a huge difference. Taking the time to waterproof them can also be highly beneficial step your toes will take you for.



This is a common accessory many people forget to bring. But sunglasses will do wonders against the glaring reflection of the sun. Especially when the light is hitting the snowy landscapes. This is especially true in the winter where the sun is lower and the glare is even more intense.



You may or may not stay at a lodging facility that offers a pool of any variety. But the natural landscape of Iceland does offer a number of hot springs that you may be tempted to take a plunge into. Bring along a swimsuit just in case you want to be a little daring in Iceland.



You probably won’t need a large bottle of sunscreen. But you will want a small amount for the areas of your skin that will not be completely covered up. The sun can be fairly strong in many areas of Iceland. You will want to make sure your face is specially protected from its rays.



Bring along a small flashlight to carry along with you on your outings. You never know when you may break down on the side of the road. Or even end up losing track of time while you are out hiking about. Having a flashlight can be a lifesaver in many cases.


The main thing to remember when you are packing for your trip to Iceland is to simply pack smart. A number of layered clothing, long John’s and a good pair of shoes are the top items. You´ll  want them with you but do not underestimate the effect the sun can have on you as well.

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