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Top / Food and drink related tours in Iceland
Get a chocolate piece of Iceland. Learn how to make Icelandic Confectionery in 60 minutes in the Chocolate trailer.You will learn in 60 minutes to make your piece of Icelandic chocolate with help from Icelandic confectioner.
1 hour
Bjórböðin SPA is located in Árskógssandur in the north of Iceland. Which is 5 hours from Reykjavik, but only 30 minutes from Akureyri. There you will soak away the stress of modern life by relaxing in a bath of warm beer.
50 minutes
A world class beer and brewery tour where individuals and groups are offered a tasting platter of our beer that is brewed in our micro brewery along with a visit to our brewery and a brief but fun introduction from our staff.
20-30 minutes