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Water activities and EPIC tours in Iceland

Iceland has a lot of water activities and tours

Vacationing to a cold climate on purpose isn’t typically at the top of someone’s bucket list. However, if you want to see some of the world’s most fascinating and pure water-related activities, Iceland is a must visit. Are you planning a visit to Iceland? Make sure these top six items are on your list of things to see and do while there.

  1. Þingvellir (Parliament Plains) – It consists of wide and vast open fields with waterways cutting through. There are some paved sections and a bridge over the waterway. The serene beauty invites walkers to enjoy the area and capture photos of nature and water at its best. It is the scene of the oldest Parliament formation in AD 930.
  2. Lofthellir Ice Cave –A natural and amazing beauty. The formation of ice during the winter and the partial melting water during the “warmer” months is enough to keep you mesmerized for hours on end. Crawling through the tunnels to get from one spot to the next makes you feel like you are a true part of the cave.
  3. Myvatn Nature Baths – Natural mineral baths in the open air water. They offer a relaxing view of nature as you distress your body from a busy day of adventure. There are several bath adventures to choose from. Just make sure that you experience at least one of them. It is a tranquil moment of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy the natural healing effects of the baths in the area.
  4. Whale Watching- You have a choice pick of many different whale watching tours. While many are actually there for the whale watching, if you are not into whale watching, being out on the waters and seeing the amazing views from that vantage point is well worth the price. I am sure that after a few view of the whales you will find yourself drawn to their natural instincts.
  5. Snorkeling- The beauty of snorkeling in Iceland’s waters is the fact that you are able to snorkel between the tectonic plates of the Earth. You can look through and see where the gaps are and the growth of sea life living among the plates. Yes, the water is chilly but it is a once in a lifetime experience for those who travel the world to visit Iceland.
  6. Golden Circle- This is a day trip in itself. A small world for a vast system that includes the Þingvellir National Park mentioned above, a geyser that goes off faithfully every five minutes, and the most famous and forceful waterfall in Iceland, Gullfoss.

The list could go on forever. Iceland has some of the purest and most beautifully untouched views in the world. If pictures tell a thousand words, Iceland will never stop speaking. It is just that fascinating and welcoming.

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